Helpful Hints For Use

About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa of “Lisa’s Luxuries!" I’m a mother of 2 boys, grandmother to 4 amazing grandkids ages 13 to 25 and wife to the same man for 46 wonderful years.  I started on this journey in mid-2012 when a friend gave me 2 bars of hand-made soap.  I fell in love at first scrub and decided I would investigate this soap and see if I could reproduce it for my own enjoyment and use.  My husband also decided he was “never going back to Dial!” and started using it.  I knew then I had to make my own.

I love the chemistry and artistry of my products.  They allow me to be creative and have fun.   Skincare shouldn't be a chore, and I hope my products will brighten your day whenever you pick them up. If you have any questions about my products or my methods, feel free to email me through the order page.

Pamper yourself....and enjoy!!
Soaps:  Rotate two soaps in the shower to let each one dry thoroughly between use.  Make sure all the water can drain away from the bar.  These bars will not last as long as the store bought bars, but that’s the idea!  They are all natural with no preservatives or chemicals to make them stick to your skin and stay in the dish. My soaps are so mild you can use them to wash your face.   Say goodbye to expensive face wash products, just use my soap and see how lovely your face feels!
Scrubs: Keep the lid on tightly between uses and try not to drip any water into the container. Always use your spoon to scoop out the scrub into your wet hands, rub hands together, activating the coconut oil, adding more water if necessary to get a smooth paste,  and then rub generously over your body. You want the oil to stay on your skin and off the shower floor!  Many gals have told me they rub till the sugar is dissolved and then shave their legs.  Some are even using it on their face and love the way it exfoliates and moisturizes. Rinse well and towel dry to silky smooth, moisturized skin!  It is great on heels, but don't cover the whole foot or you will slip and slide out of the shower!
Body Butter:  Just enjoy it anywhere you feel dry.  Remember, it has no water in it, so a very small amount goes a very long way. Especially wonderful on hands, heals and cuticles.  It is heat sensitive, so don't store above 85degrees.  Start with a pea size portion and spread liberally.  
Bath Bombs:  Store them in an airtight container.