Gentle Rose Toner

This has to be my most favorite beauty face product.  

I just saw commercials for "Olay leave on mositure mist" and I thought to myself, I've already done it!

This is a rose-water based spray that you mist on your clean face.  No wiping, just spray on and leave it.  You will be amazed how lovely it makes your face feel!  Essential oils are added to soothe and replenish.  The rose water itself will moisturize your face, neck and décolletage area, as well as restore the natural ph levels.

It is the perfect way to leave a fine mist on your face to help spread the daily serums and eye serum.

This is one beauty product I cannot live without!!

Gentle Rose Toner: 

   4 oz fine mist spray bottle: $15.00

Daily Cuticle Oil

I struggle with dry and nasty cuticles all the time, but especially in the fall and winter seasons.  So I decided to solve that problem and have discovered an amazing blend of carrier oils and essential oils that do the trick.

No more dry cuticles.  And my nails are getting stronger and growing!

This dynamite little bottle has so much goodness inside.  I use three oils to start, Jojoba, Kukui Nut and Avocado Oil.  Each one has amazing moisturizing properties.

Then I add 5  Essential oils to every bottle including Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon



11ml bottle with stainless steel roller ball for application


Daily Face Serum

Daily Night Serum

Under-Eye Oil

1/2 ounce

Eye Serum

One ounce

Day Serum &

Night Serum

I now have two serums for the face.  One is for daily use and one is an extra moisturizing night serum. These serums are for all of us who have dry skin that needs an extra boost of moisture and fine line reducing loving care. 


There are so many oils in these serums, I just don't have room to list them all.  

The day serum's base is organic jojoba oil, which has a very light, non greasy feel on the face, as well as 4 different essential oils.  


The night serum's base is kukui nut, grapeseed, borage, avocado,  jojoba  and vitamin e oil as well as 6 different essential oils.


The under eye oil has apricot kernel, borage, carrot seed and 5 essential oils. 


Day Serum: 1 oz     $20.00

Night Serum: 1 oz  $20.00

Under-eye oil: 1/2 oz   $20.00


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